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Ethan Year 1
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He's here...

Ethan James Wilson was born at 12:40 a.m. (CST) Saturday, December 11.  8 pounds, 13.5 ounces, 20 inches long.

Ethan is quite a personality.  He's easy-going, almost always happy, and smiles at everyone.  He's slept through the night (9+ hours) since he was a month and a half old, and he goes down quietly at night and for naps.

  • About the delivery, and a picture of us in the hospital
  • A picture at one month old, with his Grandma Barnes (big picture - 640x480)
  • Another big picture of Ethan with Trish
  • This is Ethan smiling listening to Grandma Barnes on the phone
  • Download a movie of Ethan's latest trick (2MB) (as of 2/17/2000)
  • Two more movies of Ethan playing with some balloons.  One movie starts looking at his face and pans out (5MB), the other is a static view (7MB), but he's more active.
  • Four months, sleeping on the floor
  • Three pictures at 5.5 months, sitting up on his own (mostly), and two close-ups, one showing his eyes, another his big grin.
  • At six months, he tried avocado.  Not a real big hit.
  • At seven months he's on the move but still a charmer.
  • At eight months he tried spaghetti, cut some more teeth and takes a bath.  OK, he's had baths before, but we took pictures this time.
  • Here's some funny movies of Ethan

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