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Ethan loves bath time.
The green cup has a hole in the bottom allowing the water to flow out and over his face.  I wish he were this happy about water on his face when I come at him with a washcloth after lunch.
I try to make sure that Ethan gets enough to drink through out the day, but he never gets quite as much to drink on any given day as he does on bath day.  Sucking his washcloth and drinking the water out of his tub toys seems to be the flavor of choice. 
I had better get this in here and suck all of the good stuff off before they get the soap.
Does a beached whale have a smile like this?  I think not!

Ethan is also learning that he is not a fish, he can't breath under water.

This is a big no, no, and Ethan knows it.  He thinks he is getting away with something when in reality the next picture was taken right after Bruce made him sit.
What? You're going to show these to my girlfriend? 


I think I just tinkled in my tub.


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