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He's made it through his orange vegetables (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes), so now it's time to start him on green - green beans, peas and avocado.  (Who thinks up these rules, anyway?  Seems more like a game of "what color can we make his diaper this week?")

He took the peas and beans well, and I was looking forward to him liking avocado as much as I do.  Trish (and her family) don't like avocado, but what can you expect of people who live so far from California that they don't get any good ones?

Unfortunately, Ethan didn't take to the avocado like I'd hoped.  He seems to think it's a variation of rat poison, judging by his facial expressions.

We also gave him a bite or two of applesauce.  This isn't his first try, so maybe it was too cold.
Here's one of his first attempts at a cookie.  He did pretty well until the pieces got too small.
As usual, it doesn't take long for him to go back to cheerful.  (This was a bite of carrots, which he loves.)

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