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Not much to do with teeth, but a great picture nonetheless.  After a bath, Ethan gets dried and greased (with lotion that is).  He likes to try to crawl off of the changing table.

This is a great shot of his two lower teeth.  There is a third one on his left, it just isn't in as far as the others yet.
Pay no attention to the booger in his nose. Look at the two teeth on the upper gum.  We have since changed his name to Fangly.

What we didn't know at the time this picture was taken is that his top, middle left tooth was also lurking in the background.

Ethan's impression of an old man without teeth.  

Actually he is babbling, bababababa.  Some days I feel like Mary and all of her lambs live in my house.

Mommy and Ethan on a good day.
Mommy and Ethan on a bad day. 

Just kidding people.  I am putting lotion on him and he is giving me raspberries.


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