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Friday morning, Trish decided I shouldn't go to work.  She was feeling stronger labor pains than during the two false alarms the previous weekend.

We went to the hospital to have it checked out, as we had before.  After 30 minutes, they freed up a room, and started monitoring the contractions.  At about 11:00 a.m., she was 1.5 cm dilated, and contractions were constant, though not consistent.  Dr. Weise (wee-see) came in for an exam and made a decision to encourage the labor instead of putting it off again.  (By this time, Trish was 5 days past her due date, and he likes to induce around 7.)  He put a scalp probe in the baby's head to better monitor heart rate, thereby piercing her bag of waters.

After a few hours of little progress, Dr. Weise authorized a Petocin drip to strengthen and regulate the contractions.  Several more hours with this still only got her as far as 4 cm dilated.  Some pain medication allowed her to sleep, but also weakened the contractions.  By 11:00 p.m., Dr. Weise decided we should shift to plan B - a caesarian.

By the time all the relevant doctors came in and Trish got prepped, it was about 12:30.  I got to be in the operating room for the 10 minutes from incision to delivery.  Then they sent me to follow Ethan to the nursery while they finished up for the next hour.

Here's a picture in the hospital within 24 hours after the delivery.  Here's a hint: I'm the one with glasses.  Trish thinks she doesn't look good in this picture, but I think she's crazy.


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