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Ethan is fully two.  By this I mean that he has realized that he has the option of saying "no" to just about anything we tell him.  Because he is only two, he also thinks this will have some measurable effect on the world around him.  Generally, the effect is he gets to sit in his Timeout chair, and still has to do what we told him.

I got a digital camera for Christmas, which makes the process of adding pictures so much easier, especially combined with the new photo gallery.  Expect to see more regular updates.  I recently uploaded all the pictures from Christmas, New Years, Grandpa Wilson's 70th birthday party, and so on.  The gallery also makes it easy for you to have the pictures printed on photo paper and mailed to you.

All the existing pictures are in the process of moving over to the gallery.  Eventually, all the pictures from here will be there.

You can also have a look at what I got Trish for her birthday, and pick up some of your own, at the new Ethan Store!

I suppose I should leave these links here, until I get everything moved over properly.


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