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We got a half-sheet cake to share with the youth, and Wal-mart gave us a 4-inch "smash cake" for Ethan to have by himself.  They were out of the blue-icing cake we requested, but the lemon topping seemed to be a pretty big hit.


Here's the cake for sharing.  It was half white-cake, half chocolate.  That is, of course, Tommy of Rugrats fame riding inside the Reptar car.  Click here for a bigger image.


Here's the smash cake.  The topping was lemon pie filling - yum!


Ethan was very interested in feeling the flame, but couldn't figure out why everyone was singing.  He didn't even come close to blowing it out.


Ethan was so careful with the cake, it was almost disappointing.  He picked the green letters and lemon topping off carefully, and never really got into the cake itself.


When the lemon was gone, he became more interested in what was under the cake.  He flipped it over and dropped the plate on the floor.  It's hard to tell, but he's saying "Ah Oh" here.

Trish came ready to give him a full bath after the cake, but we only needed to wash his face and hands.


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