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12-Nov-2003 - I'm experimenting with a true blogging package.  You can see what little there is at this link.  I'm really looking for a better content management solution than FrontPage.  I may move to PostNuke, since it supports both gallery and phpBB2 as modules.
31-Jul-2003 - Remove the silly counters, because silly TheCounter.com decided to start charging a silly fee for everyone.  When I save up enough tuits, I may add my own counters.  Or maybe not.
26-Mar-2003 - Posted long-overdue changes to the cancer pages, reactivated my work webcam.
10-Feb-2003 - Added link to permanent forums, updated SQL versions page, other minor fixes.
07-Oct-2002 - Most updates have been happening in the gallery. We have pictures of Ethan's attempt to redecorate his room and other recent events, some new Ethan items at Cafe Press. I spent some time working on a sub-website for friends who adopted from China (see TongShan site).
I've also been toying with opening a discussion forum of some sort to allow/encourage more participation among visitors. I have two options set up for testing - see the links above to try them out.  While Frontpage takes care of a lot of details, it continues to be a bottleneck in getting the simplest updates pushed out to the web.  I'm thinking a forum arrangement may make it easier to keep this up to date, though I need to figure out how I could continue to have some static pages like the versions page and Cancer pages.

28-Apr-2002 - Added a slew of pictures (just one slew this time) from Chris & Lyndsey's wedding, various shots around the house and with friends, as well as this important picture.  The Gallery link now takes you to the new photo gallery.
23-Feb-2002 - Added another cancer story, added pictures of our vacation in Orlando to the gallery.
29-Jan-2002 - I've opened a store at Cafe Press where you can now buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and so on with Ethan's picture on them.  Check it out, and let me know what other gallery photos you'd like to see on items.  Also, I've uploaded most everything from Christmas, New Years, my dad's 70th birthday party and random snapshots in between to the photo gallery.
12-Dec-2001 - Added a folder of webcam photos from Ethan's 2nd birthday party.  Have a look at all his presents.
04-Dec-2001 - Updated the Versions page with SQL 2000 Service Pack 2 and a number of new hotfixes.
08-Nov-2001 - Cosmetic cleanups, and quite a few new pictures.  Expect the photo gallery to get some attention for a while until I get all my recent photos uploaded and organized.
06-Nov-2001 - Added a full-fledged photo gallery app, to make it easier for me to add new photos.  Also added a site logo.
12-Sep-2001 - Moved archives off the top banner, added a favorite icon for those browsers that support it, and an "add to favorites" button on the top banner.  A few other minor restructuring changes as well.  I'm getting restless, which probably means I'm about to shuffle stuff in a bigger way.
27-Aug-2001 - Added a page for others with cancer to share their stories and connect with each other.
21-Aug-2001 - Added an e-mail address for e-mailing me about Barney's cancer story, cancer@ toomuchblue.com
18-Aug-2001 - Added pictures to the Gallery from our camping family reunion vacation.
21-Jul-2001 - Added pictures to the Gallery from Polar Expedition, the Vacation Bible School at my church.  Also, upgraded to FrontPage XP, so I'm starting to make use of some of the new features.
03-Jul-2001 - Cleaned up favorites, added a page to explain the domain name.
02-Jul-2001 - Change styles to match the domain (based on FrontPage "Industrial" theme).
30-Jun-2001 - Registered as toomuchblue.com
10-May-2001 - Added a favorite article about developing to avoid bugs:  The Art of Software Development.
19-Apr-2001 - You can now hear some of Ethan's words
13-Apr-2001 - Added ICRA content rating, revised some favorites.
30-Mar-2001 - Reorganized Ethan's pages, cleaned up some old verbiage and gave the graphics a minor facelift.
04-Mar-2001 - Added a Home Gallery page (under Family), with snapshots from our home webcam.
23-Feb-2001 - Added some hotfix detail to Versions page
21-Feb-2001 - Changes to Favorites, added AIM link to footer.
16-Jan-2001 - Added 13-month pictures of Ethan off the home webcam, other minor fixes.
03-Jan-2001 - Added a site map, a home webcam and changed the refresh rate on both cams to 15 seconds, added Site highlights to start page.
29-Dec-2000 - Added Versions page to Projects area, listing software versions for products I use at work and home.
27-Dec-2000 - Updates and additions to Favorites page.
11 Dec 2000 - Added pictures of Ethan's 1st birthday.
03-Oct-2000 - Revamped Favorites page, modified bottom banner, added new page to Gallery, other minor tweaks.
05-Sep-2000 - Photo from my office in Gallery, tweaks and such.
28-Aug-2000 - Finished the 8 month pictures.
18-Aug-2000 - Added 8 month pictures and movies of Ethan.
21-Jul-2000 - Added 7 month pictures of Ethan, testing a new navigation design.
26-Jun-2000 - Added 6 month pictures of Ethan.
16-Jun-2000 - Added 5.5 month pictures of Ethan.
29-Mar-2000 - Moved to lasthome.net
05-Feb-2000 - Filled in some missing dates, and linked between pictures and Barney's Tale
03-Feb-2000 - Added photos of Jim Barnes
28-Jan-2000 - Added Photo Gallery
17-Jan-2000 - Added Work WebCam and AutoCam
06-Nov-1999 - Redesign, Loose Gesture template, using FrontPage 2000
01-Aug-1997 - Moved to Geocities
18-Dec-1996 - Redesign, blue-and-red, using HoTMetaL
11-Dec-1995 - Original website, written using Notepad, hosted by InterAccess


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