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Quote of the month*

"Failure is always an option."

-- Adam Savage of Mythbusters

* Yes, I know I don't change this every month.  Thanks.

Recent update

20-Nov-2006 - Last update
20-Nov-2006 - More email cleanups, also the Tongshan site has officially moved.
14-Sep-2006 - Removed some email addresses that have been giving me spam headaches. See this entry for an explanation.
27-Jul-2005 - Cleaning up some older links, preparing to remove the forum and perhaps give the whole site a facelift.  I'm considering a couple of CMS tools to make my life easier.  The blog and the gallery are really the driving forces behind having this site anymore, so I might as well make them easy to get to.
16-Sep-2004 - I'm pretty well convinced the blog is the way to go. This current website is due for an update anyway. For current updates, you're best served by reading my blog and checking for new stuff in the photo gallery.

The complete revision history is still available for those with a morbid curiosity.


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