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Why toomuchblue.com?

I thought for quite a while about the domain name I wanted to register.  This choice seems best overall.

  • I like the color blue.  A lot.  Trish sometimes thinks I go overboard.
  • If you ask Ethan what color something is, his first answer is always "blue".
  • toomuchblue is easy to spell.
  • .com was available, for newbies who don't know about or can't remember other TLD's
  • People can remember my domain without writing it down
  • I use this domain to give permanent addresses to selected family and friends, so I didn't want my name after the @ to confuse the matter.  (Was that joesmith at brucewilson.net, or joewilson at brucesmith.net, or...)
  • I hope to develop it into something of a brand name, if I ever get around to releasing some shareware.

This site has nothing whatsoever to do with any of the following, though I'll provide links to them when I know them.


Addendum:  Since the 2004 election, the phrase "too much blue" takes on a whole new meaning.  While I haven't set out to be an anti-Democrat site, I have started blogging, and my position tends toward the Republican side of things.


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