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Long Weekend

Going to be on my own this weekend. Trish is off to her cousin's wedding shower, and taking both kids along. If this is like previous trips, I could get more sleep than usual (no need to get up to replace a pacifier) or less (nobody to remind me to stop working).

Usually these trips mean I get a lot more work done, but I'm glad to have her home again to get back on my usual routine.

On the video front, we just returned S1m0ne (4 stars) and Murd3r 8y Num8ers (5 stars). Also, we rented Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which Ethan watched about 10 times in 5 days and still wasn't done.

For this weekend, I decided to rent some movies Trish has no interest in watching. I was tempted to do all three Die Hard movies, but settled on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Ronin and Bourne Identity.


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