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Boxing and shopping

Hello again, fellow people around the world. I am back to blog and as my stories have been told and told, I have found some new stories that might interest you.

First, I would like to tell you the day that I boxed my mom and dad with empty soda can boxes, which I also did today to my dad. Emma was also helping me, too. She had two empty boxes and I had the other two. We pounded and pounded on Daddy and Mommy until they couldn't take another pound. Today while I was boxing my dad, I had four empty soda boxes instead of two, and I kept pounding him with them. I laughed and laughed.

While we were baby shopping for Baby the other day, we had to find a bumper set we liked for the baby's crib. I hope you know this, but I do know this for sure, that yesterday you might have seen me shopping in Babies R Us. We also took some pictures there of the different bumper sets we liked.

One was called "Bright Hopes, Sweet Dreams".

The other one was called "Lady Bugs".

They both had different types of bugs on them, but they looked cute the way they matched with themselves.

I liked the Bright Hopes, Sweet Dreams one better, because it was so colorful, I thought it would be just right for Baby.

I know some of you have seen the picture from my Dad's blog post, below. I liked the picture because I was having fun. I like making grins, having smiles, and I especially like shopping for Baby.

Goodbye everyone around the world. I hope that you will log on to my dad's blog, because it is so special to me, since he is so special to me. I think you should log onto his blog to see my paragraphs that I made and have been making.



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