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What does USPS stand for?

First, a joke:

Q: Do you know the real reason the USPS needs to raise stamp prices?

A: Because the cost of storage keeps going up.

This joke would be funnier except that I'm currently waiting for a shipment.  It always seems I'm waiting for a package to arrive just before I'm out of town, so this time I ordered as soon as I could.  I chose what looked like a UPS option, but turned out to be a hybrid UPS + USPS.

So here's how it's gone so far:

  • Monday evening (4/24): Package ordered
  • Tuesday: UPS received shipping information and the package, Carol Stream IL
  • Wednesday: Package was handed off to the USPS, postage paid.  USPS tracking shows the info was received 12:37 PM, and the package itself accepted in Forest Park, IL at 5:09 PM.
  • Thursday: Nothing happening
  • Friday: Nothing happening
  • Saturday: ???

I know we've received packages in the mail 48 hours after they were posted, so what's the hold up?

I guess I didn't need to listen to that music on my trip anyway.

So what does USPS stand for? Seems like US Package Storage is appropriate.

Update: Yay, the post office came through! Murphy's Law still applied: the package came while we were away from the house for a showing. I checked the tracking site, and it still hasn't been updated.

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