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The deed is done

The deed is done

The wedding and the honeymoon are both over, we're back at work, and our relief is immense.

The wedding was not as perfect as Trish hoped, but I think it went much better than either of us realistically expected it to go. We had some surprises and even some crises, but our wonderful friends took care of the details and left us alone in our fog. We drove to Mansfield (from Norwalk) for our first night, then returned to her parent's home to open presents.

For our honeymoon we stayed at the Disneyland Pacific Hotel, visiting Disneyland for two and a half days, and even a day at Universal Studios. We flew to Northern California Thursday evening, saw Half Moon Bay and the Redwood forests on Friday, and went to a second reception my parents threw for us one week exactly after the wedding.

After church Sunday, we flew back to Illinois, where we learned how wonderful our friends really are--our apartment was decorated with toilet paper and silly-string. The labels were removed from all our canned food, our bathroom was filled with balloons, the bedroom door was booby-trapped with a plate full of dry macaroni, the labels on the spices were all scrambled, and the mouthpiece from one of our phones was hidden in the freezer.

In all, we had darn near a perfect wedding, and the marriage is turning out just as well. We're still sorting out some of the newness - where does the coffee maker go? - and the apartment isn't "done" yet, but it's just a matter of time.

I was a bit disappointed at the number of people who responded to my internet invitation - we had lots of cake left over. Where were you?


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