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How I proposed

In the year of our Lord 1996, upon the fifteenth day of February, I proposed to Tricia Suzanne Barnes and she accepted.

Tricia was on her way to pick me up from the train station when she saw a note on her windshield. Much to her surprise, the pages indicated I was not on the train, and that she would have to solve a scavenger hunt to find me. Except for some rude people who were unwilling to answer her questions, she solved the puzzles with little difficulty and met me at our church, where I was waiting for her.

She enjoyed the puzzle, but was not anticipating that I would fall to one knee, slip a diamond ring on the fourth finger of her left hand and ask her to marry me. She replied confidently and affirmatively.

We are to be married the twenty-first day of September of this same year. Her parents feel obliged to pay for the wedding and reception, so I have no qualms inviting the global Internet community to join us, though you might have to bring your own chair.


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