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The deed is done

Stress?  Never heard of it.

Pardon me while I rant about something many of you have already experienced, but planning a wedding ain't easy even under the best of circumstances. Which we haven't had. I'm starting to understand why so many people get married right out of college - you have a whole summer to plan all these details. You can have a nervous breakdown twice a day and still get everything done.

Now with only a couple of weeks to go, we're just about to the point where the critical things are done. Those things we haven't done yet would only make the difference between a great wedding and a perfect one. Naturally Trish is trying to have a perfect wedding.

For the benefit of those who haven't been through a wedding, let me explain that the stress isn't anything like you would expect. When someone in the throes (what a great word) of preparations complains about the caterer and the cake topper, its not really anything about those things that makes it tough. The real challenge (for me, at least) has been trying to make a decision together. You never had much trouble agreeing before, so when you talked about having a wedding, naturally you assume you are imagining the same thing. Discovering the differences is exciting - kind of the same way as getting in a car accident.

Add to the mix all manner of confusion: a surprise trip to Ohio to get the license, retrieving a towed car (it was not abandoned!), a family crisis, a bachelor party, and you might wonder how I have time to type these words.



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