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Office Move
  • We're expecting, sometime in early or mid-December 1999.  No, we don't want to wait and have a Millennium baby.  (iMIS joke:  I'd rather have an Enterprise baby)
  • My twin character flaws of a compulsive desire to solve problems and an inability to leave work on time have translated into another career advancement.
  • We moved again, this time to a different state.  Technically, our new place is bigger, but it doesn't feel like it sometimes.
  • That whole Starcraft thing.  I consider it a great outlet for some of my frustrations.  My wife sees it has a great source of her frustrations.
  • I have a life. (Honest! I keep it around here somewhere.)
  • My wife doesn't enjoy the computer as much as I do. You'd never believe what she thinks is fun.

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