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601 days

That’s how long one of my servers “Parallel” has been running without a reboot, as of 8:41 a.m. today (CST).

It’s been running continuously at the Des Moines office since Thursday, April 7, 2005, when the data center had to unplug it to move it across the room. Before that it ran continuously for about six months when they received the shipment from me and powered it on. Before this assignment, Parallel was a dedicated ssh-tunnel proxy in the Chicago office for about a year. Before that, it was used for many years by one of the accounting types at work.

Parallel is running “headless”, with no monitor or keyboard. The machine is an active Bugzilla webserver, and so is NAT’ed on ssh and http ports, and firewalled on the rest. The machine receives nearly 400 failed login attempts per day.

Current specs:

  • Hardware
    • Compaq Deskpro DPEP6266/MMX
    • Pentium II MMX, 266MHz
    • 64MB RAM
    • 9GB hard drive (73% free)
  • Software
  • Network Usage
    • 57,879,421 incoming packets (343 with errors)
    • 21,973,131 outgoing packets
    • 12,034 packet collisions

Alas, Parallel will be retiring before long. A new server, Sphere, will be taking over responsibilities for Bugzilla in the near future. Sphere has been running for a measly 353 days so far, but is a much newer server, resides in a dedicated hosting center, and should last for 3-4 more years.

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