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Email bragging rights

How many email addresses do you have? When I'm asked that question, my snappy answer is "an infinite number", since I can receive mail on any email address within my domain. The practical answer is somewhere around 10, with only about three really being used on a regular basis. I'm not usually one to brag (ok, just nod and smile at that), but I've been meaning to jot this one down for some time partly just so I can see them all in one place.

Top Level Domains

none yet
none yet

Well-Known Sites

poboxnone yet 
aolnone yet 
poboxnone yet 

To keep things simple, I've omitted my own domain. Suffice it to say I use two main addresses, plus about six aliases on an infrequent basis.

On a related note, the best anti-spam technique I can recommend is to own your own domain, and host the mail services with someone who makes it easy to set up new email addresses at a whim. Also helpful is if you can have all email at your domain come to you by default.

For example, let's say I visit the DevNull website and decide that I would like to download some software. Their website requires me to enter an email address to which they will send the unlock codes.

Now, I don't know anything about DevNull Inc. or their privacy practices, and frankly I don't want to invest a lot of time reading legalese to decide if it's worth the risk. I just want to download the software and get back to work.

Since all addresses at my domain come to me by default, I can enter "" in their email field, and forget about it. The license comes to me with my other email. I don't have to set anything new up for this particular address to work – it is created simply by naming it.

Later, if I discover that DevNull Inc. is sending me a lot of marketing material I don't want, or worse, they have sold my address to others, I can now take the time (about 60 seconds) to redirect the address into a blackhole. Email arriving to that address is discarded as soon as the sender finishes sending it. It never even occupies any storage space.

N.B. I have already blackholed this address, as spammers harvest email addresses from websites.


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