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More on Dean

As Spin Doctor Dean is hard at work gearing up for the 2006 elections, I picked up this tidbit from a comment at ScrappleFace, the site with fake press releases on current events. The author added his own editorial comments in [square brackets]. I've added italics to make reading easier. Hopefully. He highlights some common inconsistencies between what Democrats are saying and what is really happening. I got a good laugh from this, hope you do too.
Sometimes partisan politics gets overheated -- I know that as well as anyone [because I engage in partisan rhetoric all the time]. But when one party controls [forget the principles of democracy and the empowerment of election results] all three branches of government [well, with the possible exception of the liberal SCOTUS which is doing a fine job of legislatively advancing liberal causes in direct violation of the separation of power clause], and then seeks to change the fundamental principles and rules [that Democrats themselves first changed] of our democracy, we need to talk about it soberly and seriously [just like I'm serious and sober...yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!]. The Republican Senate leaders have decided [according to the wishes of the majority of Americans] to fundamentally alter the role of Congress [through the elective process] -- they want to give George Bush [Hitler] unprecedented power to manipulate the legislative branch and the courts [which, of course, is only reserved for Democratic presidents]. Today Harry Reid and the Democratic Senators asked us [well, actually he whined], the American people, to help them preserve the right of our elected representatives to speak their mind on the floor of the U.S. Senate [by engaging in fillibusters which end reasoned debates]. We have to act [unilateraly since we can't win a significant number elections]. Sign this petition, which we will deliver to every U.S. Senator, asking them to protect the right to free speech in the Senate [by bottling up presidential judicial nominees]. If they don't, it is not only their voice that will be silenced [well, actually we won't be "silenced", we'll be engaging in a blathering fillibuster - see above] -- it will be ours [and the unborn's]: Here are the facts: George Bush has appointed judges to lifetime positions at a better rate than any president in nearly three decades. More than 95% [we think 99% is too much under the "advise and consent" clause of the Constitution] of his nominees have been approved. Only ten nominees have been refused -- all because they are unqualified and out of the mainstream [from our perspective as out-of-the-mainstream kool-aidTM imbibers ourselves] But that's not enough [it never is with us Democrats as you well know, hee hee]. And on this issue, as on Social Security, it is becoming more and more obvious to everyone [with half-a-brain like me] that the Republican leadership is out of touch with [partisan moonbat] reality. More Americans voted against George Bush than any sitting president in history [forget the fact that more vote for him than any other president]. And that same day, across the country, the Democratic candidates for Senate received over 4 million more [fraudulent] votes [from dead people, family pets, felons, and illegal aliens - plus more incumbent Democratic Senators were up for re-election] than Republicans. Americans did not endorse the fringe agenda [which we Democrats have personal experience with ourselves] to dismantle [actually it's to reform SS, but "dismantle" sounds better and describes our hysteria better] Social Security. And they did not endorse dismantling the system of checks and balances [that Democrats have attempted to do by having the judicial branch legislate from the bench] that have served our country for over 200 years. Please tell your Senator to stand up for free speech [like they did when they voted for McCain/Feingold's Bill to Limit Free Political Speech]: This is not a partisan issue [though we are trying our darnedest to make it partisan] -- it is an American issue [but don't expect us to put country before Democratic Party policies with regard to the war on terrorism]. And we all must act together in order to protect our democracy [a democracy which can never happen in Iraq]. Thank you [sendmoneysendmoneysendmoneysendmoney...] Governor Howard Dean, M.D. .......[YeeeeeaaaarrGGGGHHH!]



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